Resistance to liquid penetration.
Resistance to germ penetration 

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Resistance to liquid penetration

EN 20811

Resistance to germ penetration – wet

EN 22610

Resistance to germ penetration – dry

EN 22612



Washable custom surgical mask

Production of customized surgical masks to be used as a precaution, washable until 90 ° and reusable up to 80 times.

The customized masks that we offer on our site are to be considered as personal protections to be used in fairs, companies, events or in other areas where the gathering of people can occur and therefore it is necessary to use a protective mask such as toilet typology.

Customized your medical mask

Custom surgical mask with sublimation color print
Print your logo, full print image or customized with a simple text
Size(mm): 100 X 180
Usable severale times
Washable until 90° up to 80 cycles ( only certified medical fabric)
Certified medical fabric EN 13795 with a light breathable printed fabric
100% handcrafted mask and 100% Made in ITALY
It is not a medical device

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Custom surgical masks are produced using a certified tissue (request certification by mail )

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Print your MedMask with logo, full image or simple text but print with your design!
One MedMask for you with your Graphic Design.

One of a kind
100% Customized


Sublimation print color will allow you to give free your imagination. You will have no limits.